Our site is hosted by Computer Systems Design Company. They are knowledgeable, inexpensive, and they quickly respond to questions and to resolve any problems. Contact Susie Nulty at for additional information.

Affordable Programmers transforms ideas into reality and makes appropriate updates to our site. They are fast, inexpensive, and a pleasure to deal with. For further information contact .

I would like to say something nice about the former host of our web site – Ventura IT also known appropriately as Host Bandit.  But I can’t. They had hosted our site for many years. We were probably one of their earliest customers. But almost every year, they would advise us that our bill was overdue, even though we were never notified when payment was due. And then, early in 2008, they arbitrarily tripled our cost. When they were advised that this matter would have to be discussed by the board of our non-profit coin club, we were told that was no problem. And then Ventura IT (alias Host Bandit) knocked us off the web with no notice. That was a big problem for us. Virtually every message we left at Ventura IT (alias Host Bandit) via telephone or email was ignored. We eventually had to rebuild our content and move to a host that dealt with us in a friendly, professional manner.

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