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Historical Sites In The Holy Land Coin Series

JAFFA - 1989. Few of the world's famous cities can boast a history as long and colorful such as Jaffa. It is one of the oldest cities in the world that has survived to this day. It made itself a name even before Jerusalem 'did. An important sea-port of olden times, it served as a strategic point for conquerors for thousands of years.

The reason is clear if you look at the map: the region called Canaan, then Israel, is located at the meeting point of three continents; Asia, Africa and Europe. Every trade route or conquering mission in the ancient world had to cross this land. And Jaffa had served as its most significant port to the Mediterranean, the cradle of Western culture.

The name Jaffa conjures of many images: the Bible tells of Jonah, the prophet who fled from Jaffa to the sea and was swallowed by the whale. The ancient Greek Mythology tells of Andromeda, the beautiful Ethiopian princess who was chained to the rock emerging from the waters of Jaffa and was saved by the wing-legged Perseus. The curriculum of the Crusaders tell of its importance as the nearest port to Jerusalem. Even the world-famous golden citrus fruit had gotten its name from this city.

In modern times, Jaffa became the seed-bed of Israel's biggest city: Tel-Aviv. The Jewish residents of Jaffa founded the new city of Tel-Aviv on its northern dunes in 1909. After the re-establishment of the State of Israel, the two cities became one, named Tel-Aviv-Yafo.

Today, Jaffa is an old-new city alive with action. Its old quarter was restored to make an artists' quarter. With its restaurants and art-galleries, it is a center of entertainment and tourism.
Description of the Coin
Outline of the Jaffa Port from the sea, the lighthouse and its beams of light, sailing boat and houses typical of Jaffa.
The word "Jaffa -- ()".

This brings this series of coins up to date. All of these issues have been made available in three different size coins and two metals.

  Metal Diameter Weight Description
5 Sheqalim
Gold / 900 22 mm 8.63 gr Proof
1 Sheqel
Silver / 850 30 mm 14.4 gr Proof
1 Sheqel
Silver / 850 23 mm 7.2 gr B.U.

Each coin has twelve sides or sections, instead of the conventional round coin shape, which makes the series unique amongst all others. The profit and royalties paid to the State Treasury are earmarked for the improvement of the landscape of Israel, the establishment and preservation of natural parks and gardens, the excavation of antiquities and for nature conservation in Israel.

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